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Kathy Magan Smith is the founder + owner of Amazing Reiki and Yoga ARAY, in-home Reiki and yoga practice for every body and mind.

Bozeman's only private, in-home Reiki and yoga classes.

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Real Results

“The Reiki training was a full mind and body sensory experience. From the serene environment to the aromatherapy, music and food, all the way to Kathy’s compassionate teaching and the magical relaxation of Reiki. I am feeling blissful and prepared to share!“
“Not only did I leave the training with a lighter, happier heart and brighter aura, I left with an arsenal of skills to spread loving, healing energy to myself and to the world. Learning the art of Reiki from Kathy exceeded my every expectation.“
“Kathy is an amazing teacher. She offers the right amount of challenge and support in each yoga class, really teaching proper poses, alignment and pushing me to a new level in my practice. I've had a hard time finding another yoga teacher that I like and feel as connected with as I did with Kathy. But her teachings remain with me, I still hear her voice in certain poses as I strive to get into proper alignment! Montana's gain is Vermont's loss, but hoping to visit for more classes in the future!”
“I loved attending Kathy’s yoga classes! A wonderful, patient, skilled instructor – always calming, always encouraging, and always emphasizing the positive. Came away from the early morning class feeling stress-free and ready to take on the day.”