I love sharing Reiki with others, thereby creating a healing ripple effect. Secondly, it provides a way to increase a sense of calmness and peace in your life which helps during a stressful event or when sleep is elusive at night. Doing Reiki creates an aura of restfulness, positive energy and is a source of strength for life.

Walk the Labyrinth - The slower you go, the better you do!
Half moon pose in the morning


The physical, mental and spiritual awareness that yoga awakens is what draws me to teach and to create space to allow this development fully and in a heart-felt way. Focusing on each individual’s needs, I strive to deepen the connection between the body and soul. 

Movement and stillness widen the possibility in each moment. Expand the mind, broaden the heart and create community to support this growth. Let’s progress on this path together, to your health.

Plant Therapy

Studying plant therapy with Rosemary Gladstar, Juliette de Bairclai Levy, Pam Montgomery, and Deb Soule in 1993 helped me continue on the path of self-realization as a healer. My love of the herbal world began in my backyard as a little girl gardening with my mother and appreciating each plants’ unique qualities. Culinary and medicinal plants helped me to be a better mother to my three children, grow a magical garden with my husband of thirty years, launch a natural body care company and eat and drink in a myriad of healthier ways. Allow me to share this wonderful wisdom with you.

The beginning of an herbal remedy loved by many
~ Savvy Salve 😉

Amazing Reiki and Yoga :: Shamanic Work

Shamanic Work

Opening to the spirit world through classes with Sage Blue and Eliot Cowan increased an awareness that wisdom is available if we pay attention. Discover spirit guides and teachers and allow them to assist in your dreams and goals. 

Look for the path that will simplify, enlighten and heal the heart. Create a practice of searching for the truth and divine wisdom that is within each of us. Trust and realize that the dialogue is there if we make the time to acknowledge it.


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