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Uplevel Your Health: A Six Month Program

Uplevel Your Health: A Six Month Program

This transformational program is designed to help women and men over 50 uplevel strength in body and mind so they can be calm, happy and healthy.​

Friends in Florida around my sister Mary's sign

Step 1 Path to a Strong Being

Mother and daughter tree pose

In Month 1, you will receive support to determine what your goals are. We'll assess limits and strengths.

Step 2 Calm the Monkey Mind

During the second month, we will work together so that you experience more centeredness and presence in your life. Learn how to respond and not react to triggers in your life.

Stone Persephone (and me) in the Labyrinth

Step 3 Goal Gains

In the third month, we come up with a movement plan. We'll add structure to your progress and watch as you increase balance, and improve sleep habits.

Side angle pose in front of garden pillars
Maidenhair ferns
maidenhair masses
One of my favorite plants

Step 4 Plant Your Health

In Month 4, we'll look at nutritional structures and find ways to improve dietary health.

A trough garden of Calendula and friends

Step 5 Motivation Mastery

Using the Wellness Workbook data from previous months, in Month 5, we'll draw on ways to increase your dedication to dynamic health.

Monarda or Bee Balm in full bloom

Step 6 Transform Your World

Redwoods in California

You will receive, in Month 6, support and key exercises so you can empower healing, concentrate confidence, and expand your potential in the world.

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What is the physical, social or emotional goal that you’re working toward

Recovery from an injury or surgery can be encouraged with body awareness

Build connection to self and others through focus and dedication

Bring more power into your life with a strong mind, body, spirit connection